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Ysa Anne Duenas’ Essay
Posted by : TEAMDAD on July 4, 2014 - 4:07pm

Branch:         Navy Father-of-the-Year

Name:           John Duenas, Rank: O-S Commander

Hometown: Windward Hills, Yona, Guam


Ysa Anne Duenas’ Essay (5th Grade – Kaden Elementary School, Okinawa, Japan)


FYI, my dad is awesome.  Het let’s me do things mom would never let me do although sometimes it’s the other way around.  I will tell you why he is my hero, what branch of the military he is in, and all about him.  I think you will like my dad.


First, I will tell you why Dad is my hero.  He is my protector because he helps other people, like when he was deployed to help the Filipino people.  I can trust my dad unlike some of my friends’ dads.  He is my hero because he takes care of my and is always there for me. 


Dad is in the Navy.  He also went to the United States Naval Academy.  My dad works at White Beach.  I think that’s cool.  In the future, Daddy will be an admiral, at least, I hope.


My father is supper funny.  Once, he pretended he was my agent.  He is so weird!  The cool thing is how he met mom.  He met her in Paris, France!  Dad likes to golf.  Since Daddy is in the Navy, we always watch the Army-Navy game. 


I think you would like my dad.  he is pretty cool.  Go Navy, Beat Army!!!


John Duenas’ (Ysa’s dad) Response To The Essay - 


I’m happy that Ysa see me as a protector.  I hop she feels safe and secure enough to come to me with any problems or issues she has. 


I ‘m glad she has as much pride in the work I do as much as I do.  I hope she learns the importance of service and helping the community locally and globally wherever and whenever.


Lastly, I hope I’ve taught/shown her how important and beneficial it is to always have a sense of humor, since laughter and smiles help break down barriers.



MOST SIGNIFICANT FATHERING EXPERIENCE – Being able to be present at the birth of each of my children.

BEST FATHERING ADVICE YOU’VE RECEIVED – Being a parent in the military can be difficult; do the most that you can to be present in your children’s lives.

WHAT SPECIFIC WAYS DO YOU PARTICIPATE IN YOUR CHILD(REN)S LIVES – I try to be at every major event in their lives, whether it’s a small award ceremony at school, a cub scout pack meeting, a rehearsal for a dance recital, or just trying to ensure that we can sit down, as a family, to share at least one meal each day together.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR GREATEST CHALLENGE AS A DAD – Balancing demands of my job and profession with the needs of my family.

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