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Casey Alexander Grime’s Essay
Posted by : TEAMDAD on June 9, 2014 - 4:29pm

Branch:         Father-of-the-Year “Other Category”

Name:           Larry Grimes, Rank GS-14

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama

Casey Alexander Grime’s Essay (6th Grade – Kaden Middle School, Okinawa, Japan) - 

My dad is an inspiring figure.  He is the one I have admired since I was born.  My dad is a man of discipline, but I still love him.  My dad helps me stay focused on my education.  Hel helps me set and achieve my short-term and long-term goals. 

To me TEAMDAD means to team up with your dad and share a great relationship.  My dad and I are alike in various ways.

One way my dad and I are alike is that we are athletic and enjoy sports.  We are able to compete against each other, but still laugh.  I never like watching a game without my dad by my side.

My dad and I also both enjoy motorcycles and cars.  I recently went on a motorcycle ride along with my dad.  When we see a nice motorcycle or car we tap each other at the same time to let each other know about the vehicle. 

My dad and I both like to freeze our drinks and our candy bars.  Even today I have a water bottle sitting in my freezer that feels like a rock.

I am so blessed to have the dad I was dreaming for ever since I was born.  My dad will be a role model to me until the day I die.  My dad and I have a true relationship and we can never be pulled apart.  I love my dad with all my heart!

Larry Grimes’ (Casey's dad) Response To The Essay - 

After reading Casey’s TEAMDAD ESSAY and wiping back tears, I had to take a few moments before typing the response.  Partly because of the emotion Casey put into words about me and partly because his words made me think about my father in such a deep way that I have not thought of my father in many years. 

My father was also an inspiration to me.  As directly as Casey stated, I am a man of discipline; so was my father.  I also still loved him regardless.  Although this year will mark 10 years since he passed away, to this day I still think of his guidance when setting goals.  I can only hope and pray to maintain a strong TEAMDAD relationship with Casey.  I make many mistakes as a father, but Casey and his brother and two sisters make me try harder each and every day to be someone they can be proud of ….. much like I was and am of my father.

I see myself in Casey in every way he described, and more.  I live vicariously through Casey as an athlete.  Although I do “compete” with Casey, five back surgeries have truly limited my physical competitive abilities, but my competitive spirit has never dwindled.  I see that spirit in Casey growing stronger every day.  I laughed this past Saturday as Casey and I were sitting in a motorcycle shop waiting for a new chain to be installed, I looked over and he was twirling his hair between two fingers.  When I let my hair grow out, I do the same thing.  So did my father.

Although I could go on and on about Casey and how much of an inspiration he is to me, I will wrap this up only to keep it brief.  I too am so blessed to have Casey as my son.  I look up to him in many ways too and if he grows into his feet, I may one day literally look up to him just to say “I Love You, Son!!”

To Casey I would like to say, “Don’t ever change, you are perfect just the way you are.  I truly love you with all my heart and will never let anything pull us apart.  The words you expressed in this essay have inspired me to be a better father and better person.  Thank you!!”

To the teacher who thought of this assignment, “Thank you!!””  It provided a way for both Casey and me to express ourselves to each other at a time we both needed to.  It reiterates one of my father’s beliefs that he passed on to me and that I will pass on to Casey …. “the Lord works in mysterious ways.” 


MOST SIGNIFICANT FATHERING EXPERIENCE – While thinking of all four children to answer this question, I would have to say two experiences will always resonate with me.  The first is….from birth through their toddler years, lying down and holding each child against my chest while they slept. It is one of the best “father experiences” you can have. The second is…taking each child from their mother (crying and unable to be settled), and doing the “Daddy leg” bouncing action getting them to settle down.  It was the “go to” move when they were young, and it ALWAYS worked!!!

BEST FATHERING ADVICE YOU’VE RECEIVED – Three pieces of advice have continued to help me through the years. First – “Have patience.” Second – “Understand that each child is different and handles situations in their own way.” Last, but not least – “Stay close with your children and they will stay close with you.”

WHAT SPECIFIC WAYS DO YOU PARTICIPATE IN YOUR CHILD(REN)S LIVES – I communicate daily with each child to look for opportunities to provide guidance and “fatherly advice”.  I attend every event possible to show support and give them the understanding that they are the most important and significant achievement of my life.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR GREATEST CHALLENGE AS A DAD – Juggling work responsibilities with family responsibilities.  I work extremely hard to provide a better life for my children, while also being present for them as much as possible.  Not just being present physically, but being present mentally and emotionally.  Raising them to be respectful citizens, knowing the difference between right and wrong, and just being good-hearted people in general is a constant challenge; but my wife and I are committed to raising them with love, respect, discipline, and unwavering support and guidance.

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